Engineering and Service

Design efficient, reliable and flawless

Development in mechanical engineering and plant engineering

thumb packaging machineUnsere Erfahrung in der Entwicklung von Maschinen in diversen Bereichen von Technik steht Ihnen jede Zeit zu Verfügung, um  Ihre kostbare Visionen zu verwirklichen.

Wir entwickeln technologische und wirtschaftliche anspruchsvolle Lösungskonzepte aus Kundenaufgaben, Skizzen, Konstruktions- und Handzeichnungen oder eigenen Entwürfen in den folgenden Industriebereichen: 

Design in mechanical engineering and plant engineering

3D-Konstruktion Getriebe t 1003D design is habitual now. Vigorous and creative designers are at your side to implement your ideas effectively.

We design 3D CAD models of plant, machinery and components in its own office (SolidWorks, AutoCAD) with an accompanying analysis or by the customer (Unigraphics, Pro/E, Inventor, Desktop, AutoCAD, ME10, etc.) and create 2D CAD manufacturing drawings, technical documentation and parts lists.

Calculations and finite element analysis

Armroboter t 100We are able to perform design attended by FEM analysis and simulation for your company to help to reduce development time and material costs, avoid prototypes and expand functionality.

Simulation and optimization in the design of machines

thumb VisualisierungFor any company today is a real challenge to reduce their product development time and material costs, to avoid prototype, to expand functionality, to improve quality, to increase performance and durability. FEM analysis with accompanying development, calculation and simulation are optimal and inevitable for achievement this time-bound targets.